A. A. C. S Ltd was established to bring together a team of experts in the ICT industry so as to meet the needs of companies, regulators and policymakers for specialized regulatory and competition support.


We recognized the need to establish a multi-disciplinary team to be able to act effectively, and for that purpose we have brought together highly experienced lawyers, economists and engineers.


All team members have real hands-on experience in the ICT sector. They come from regulators, the industry or academia and thus know and understand the needs of our clients. They have worked across the world from Europe to Asia, from Latin America to Africa, at local and international level.


A. A. C. S Ltd brings together the international experience of its members and applies it to the local circumstances of its clients.


We focus on results, not on quantity. We pride ourselves in delivering our services on time and we work closely with clients to provide them with the right solution for their circumstances.


We support policymakers and regulators in defining and communicating their policies, drafting new laws and regulations and implementing these effectively.


Operators are supported in meeting their obligations  both at a local level or, where appropriate, at an international level, such as with EU competition obligations. 


We advise operators on the impact of competition laws and regulations on their business strategy both at a strategic level as well as in relation to the introduction of specific products and services.


We choose, with you, the best and most cost-effective way to support you so as to provide you with a timely and workable solution to your problem.





Specialist competition & regulatory advice for the ICT sector

A. A. C. S Ltd

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