A. A. C. S Ltd is able to provide you with the services listed below. If there are any other services that you require, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can discuss your needs and examine how we can help you.



· Ad Hoc / Project-Based Support – we can carry out work for you for specific aspect of  your needs or as a complete project (covering all needs) either at your office or remotely, depending on the project.


· Commercial and Interconnection Agreements - we can provide advice in negotiating agreements between operators or assist regulators to review such agreements for compliance with competition and regulatory obligations. 


· Competition & Regulatory Cases - we advise and handle competition and regulatory investigations by regulatory and competition authorities either for operators (defending cases or filing complaints) or for regulators in investigating cases.


· Review of Draft Documents – we are able to review proposed regulations, decisions, policy consultations, etc. and provide you with input based on our expertise.


· “Q & A Retainer Service” – we are available to reply to day-to-day regulatory questions and provide assistance by telephone, e-mail or fax.


· Arbitration, Mediation - we act as arbitrators or mediators in disputes concerning the ICT industry, including disputes in relation to interconnection, commercial agreements and technical or economic issues.


· Expert Witness - we are able to act as expert witness in court cases and arbitrations or provide you with expert support in disputes. 


· Due Diligence Studies – we can carry out Due Diligence studies for companies in the ICT sector.


· Compliance Programmes - we can carry out a company compliance review concerning competition  and regulatory obligations, and based on the findings prepare and assist you in implementing a compliance programme.


· Training - we can plan and deliver specialised training for your employees in competition and regulation-related areas.


Specialist competition & regulatory advice for the ICT sector

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