Specialist competition & regulatory advice for the ICT sector

A. A. C. S Ltd

Members of our team have worked in-house with well-established and new regulatory authorities, incumbent operators and new entrants, in the industry as well as academia.


They have been involved in developing policies and drafting legislation and regulations in Europe, the Middle East and the Far East.


Team members have worked for, inter alia:


· OFTEL / OFCOM – UK Communications Regulatory Authority

· OFTA - Hong Kong Telecommunications Regulatory Authority

· BA & TELA - Hong Kong Broadcasting Authority

· TRA Bahrain -  Bahrain Telecommunications Regulatory Authority

· EETT – Greek Telecommunications & Postal Regulatory Authority

· The EU Commission

· New entrants in the UK, Greece, etc.

· Incumbent operators in the UK, Greece, Cyprus, etc.


Past Projects include:



- for a government the Telecommunications Legal Framework ,

-  for an National Regulatory Authority (NRA) the telecommunications and broadcasting legal framework and advised on issues of convergence.



- an operator on a bid for a spectrum licence,

- incumbent and new entrant operators on day to day  regulatory and competition issues relating to telecoms and    broadcasting, VoIP  regulatory issues, licensing regulations,  competition case  investigations,

-  an operator on functional separation issues and operational impact  aspects of it,

- a fixed line operator on the prospects of its possible entry   into the MVNO market,

- an NRA on dispute resolution procedures,

- an NRA on the calculation of the WACC of the incumbent  operator,

- an NRA on its market liberalisation policy and drafted a series of regulations and policy statements to implement the opening of the market,

- NRAs on the  introduction, review and implementation of  accounting separation rules,

-  on economic and legal aspects arising from the award of  mobile and MVNO licences.


Training NRAs on:

- Inter-operator disputes resolution,

- Competition Law,

-  Mergers and Acquisitions,

- Competition investigations and case management,

- Price Regulation and Price Caps,

- Market Analysis,

- Spectrum Management and Spectrum Economics,

- Local Loop Unbundling (LLU),

- Numbering and Number Portability.


Drafting :

- Regulations, guidelines & consultation documents on dispute resolution, national roaming, accounting separation,  mergers and acquisitions, interconnection, consumer protection, etc and for operators formal responses to government and NRA consultations. 


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